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About the Pass

the CARD company, a subsidiary of Brown/Golden, dms, Incorporated, specializes in the design, development and distribution of Organizational Affinity Membership Cards. With each organization we represent, our aim is to ensure the value of every cardholder’s membership is increased. We do this by unlocking the doors to discounts, savings and services made available through our Affiliate Partners. The key to unlock those benefits is The Pass.

The Pass is a symbol employed by our company that we affix to organizational membership cards, much like the Visa or MasterCard logos, except it has no credit value beyond the discounts provided by our Affiliate Partners . That symbol, The Pass, is honored by our Affiliate Partners for discounts at their stores and outlets on the goods and services they market.

Our Affiliates

What is an Affiliate Partner?

An Affiliate Partner is a participating merchant that has agreed to honor organizational membership cards featuring our symbol, “The Pass” and provide the cardholder with a discount on the goods and services they market.

The Team

Dr. Bryan Kalish

President, the CARD company

Darin Burns, RN, BSN, CPHM

Vice President, Client & Affiliate Acquisitions

Matthew Gmitro

Marketing Associate

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